Protecting our skin from biting mosquitoes previously meant using sticky lubricants, including the toxicsubstance DEET. MosquitNo thought ‘this can be done with more fun and functionality’ skin or clothing sticks. MosquitNo is well known from the trendy bracelet for mosquitoes to keep bad bugs away and has developed practical solutions to replace the clumsy lubrication problem. And its also hip and trendy.

We use three types of active ingredients to make our products work the way they do: Saltidin®, IR3535® and Citronella.


Saltidin® is a insect repellent made by a german company named Lanxess. It is a replacement for the sticky and toxic insect repellent ingredient DEET. Saltidin® is much safer to use on the skin, it is non-toxic, not sticky and it is odorless. MosquitNo implemented this ingredient in the Cosmetics products.

Arguments in favor of Saltidin®:

  • Saltidin USP's Safe for kids >6 months
  • Safe for pregnant women (Dr Volker Mostert)
  • Also effective against horse flies and ticks
  • Effective against midges (big problem in UK):
    • As a part of the WHO Pesticide Scheme (WHOPES) the efficacy of Saltidin® was tested against Scottish biting midges (Culicoides impunctatus)14, 15. Saltidin® was shown to be a highly effective repellent against the Scottish biting midge. Landing and biting was prevented for more than 8 hours.
  • DEET-based repellents under restriction in many countries
    • Netherlands: DEET sprays further restricted by Dutch authority CTGB.
      • Spray containing 20% DEET: do not use on children younger than 12 years old
      • Spray containing 30% DEET: do not use on children younger than 12 years old. Adults: only apply once a day
      • Spray containing 50% DEET: do not use on children younger than 17 years old. Adults: only apply once a day

The active ingredient Saltidin® is used in our Cosmetics product line.

IR3535® Nano Technology

IR3535® is a insect repellent made by a german company named Merck.

The NANO Series is a revolutionary, innovative technology designed by scientists especially for MosquitNo. This line utilizes this-breaking insect repellent technology in various products including wipes, textile spray, fabric softener and bracelets. This technology and our trendy applications are truly industrychanging and MosquitNo is at the leading edge!

Our new NANO insect repellent products have an effectiveness of 97% against mosquitoes that may carry malaria and dengue. The Nano Technology made us able to develop long lasting functionality up to 2 months. All products are odorless for human, made from natural ingredients.

The active ingredient IR3535® is used in our Nano Tech product lines.


Citronella is a 100% natural product made out of the leaves of the citronella plant. The well functioning of it is known for hundreds of years. After lengthy research MosquitNo developed a silicone which can absorb fluids and let them gradually evaporate. This technology made it possible to apply it in our trendy silicon bracelets and funny stickers. MosquitNo citronella products release the citronella smell gradually during a period of 48 to 72 hours. After this time you can just throw the bracelet / stickers in the dustbin. Through the enclosed stainless steel buckle the bracelet can be made to measure for every wrist thickness.

The active ingredient Citronella is used in our Easy care and Gifts & Outdoor product line.